Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mobile version

Don’t you get annoyed when you cannot minimize or downsize the page you are browsing? I do, and most often than not I skip it. So here comes the app development programs designed for mobile and tablet users. If you are a blogger like me, you might want to try the new mobile apps or theme that would cater to your mobile or tablet visitors. The catch is they are usually expensive. Good thing I get to search for one that can be used for free.

While I’m still working on it, I get to see the various advantages and features it has. It works on different platforms like blogger, word press, jomla and more. I can create customize look according to my blog theme. I can also integrate ads and social media buttons. So I really suggest you check it out and jump into the bandwagon.

On the flip side, I hope I can update this blog more often. I am under a lot of stress lately and I really need to condition both my mind and body. I need to set aside a time for my blogs too. I’m looking for some inspiration to keep on blogging and exercising.  


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