Monday, January 30, 2012

Almost Injured

They say that too much of anything is bad and so is too little.

I had a sedentary lifestyle 2 weeks before, most of the time in the office I am in front of the PC then at home I’m still in front of PC or TV or both. My only exercise back then was going to malls.

I guess I got carried away and wanted to achieve significant results in little time. I was almost injured or maybe a little injured already from last Saturday’s gym sessions. I had my 1 hr free Personal Trainer session from 8-9am (mostly cardio workout), had a 15 minute ball group exercise (stretching) and another hour of Body Combat (similar to Taebo) from 9:30-10:30am. I was not feeling anything bad during those time, except after sauna and shower. I felt pain on my right foot sole (talampakan). Still I walked for another hour or so on the mall (FF is inside Diera City Center).

The pain increased during my mall tour and the way home. I remembered that you have to roll it on a bottle, and I did. Until evening I had difficulty in walking so I decided to take medicine (Alaxan for body pains) and not to come to work the next day (yey! valid reason). The next day it was bearable but I opted not to do any vigorous movements. I already signed up for 2 hours dance sessions (Zumba and Body Jam) with a non-FF friend (like an open house) but had to cancel.

Lesson learned: Do not rush up things, I want to lose weight badly but if it will kill me then it’s no use.

On the brighter side, I blamed my almost injury to my old rubber shoes so now I’ve decided to buy a new one. I’m thinking of Sketchers Shape-Up series, particularly this one

Saturday, January 21, 2012

GX, PT, TP at FF

New acronyms on my fit n fab vocabulary

GX - Group eXercise
PT - Personal Trainer
TP - Triple Pack
FF - Fitness First

As mentioned on my last post, I'm regularly hitting the gym now (trying my hardest at 3x a week). Upon paying the membership dues I was given a free Triple Pack.

Pack 1: Assessment and Goals
The PT assigned for my TP called for an appointment. I met with him and discussed what are my goals (why i joined FF) or target areas (what I want to eliminate). I was asked to stand in a machine which measures my weight, height, BMI, body water, muscle mass, fat mass, etc. From the data gathered, we sit and discussed the results, set up a realistic goal for 2 months. I was asked to return for my second session in a few days.

Pack 2: Personalized Program
Mr. PT gave me a run down on the exercises I need to do to achieve my goals set up on Pack 1. I have to do this at least thrice a week or in combination with GX.

Pack 3: 1 hour PT session
I have yet to do this. For Pack 3, I have an option whether to have an hour PT session or GX sampler. I choose the first one because I can always attend GX anytime I want. After this, PT sessions will no longer be free, how much? that I still have to ask.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year, New Me

This is my second time in the gym this week, this month, this year. 

Yup, I'm starting the year right with healthy living. I'll try to go to the gym thrice a week, less pig outs, less junk foods, less soft drinks, more fruits, more veggies, more lean meat, less rice, less sweets. The list goes on. But I haven't eaten junk foods and drank soft drinks for almost 2 weeks. That's a feat, I tell you. Every time I go to the grocery, my fave junk food Cheetos Extra Spicy kept making eye contact with me. I almost gave in to the temptation but I remember my first gym class and how my muscles ache just to shed some calories. 

My journey to being fit starts here. And I hope it doesn't just end here (with this blog post).