Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Teabags for Eyebags

I had fluffy eye bags whenever I stay too late or slept too long. But with my current lifestyle where I usually stay late, it's already taking the toll particularly on my eyes resulting to dark and fluffy eye bags. A real nightmare!

I bought expensive eye creams and eye roller, but no effect whatsoever.

Then a friend recommended to use a chilled tea bag. And after my first use it did lighten and reduce the darkness and fluffiness. Now I have the perfect weapon to combat the dreaded eye bags and that's teabags! I use green tea bags but I guess any kind would do the trick. 


  1. The chilled tea bag. Is a great cure for eye bags. It can be very effective to cure eye bags

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  2. i wonder if there is cosmetic surgery to treat ugly eyebags. There are cases that are impossible to be treated by just a simple chilled tea bag. :)