Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sugar Overload

I had 2 pcs Dunkin’ Donuts, Pepsi in can and 4 wafer sticks of Kitkat. I feel my throat suffer with too much sweetness!

But that’s not just the concern here (tonsillitis), as we age (gracefully) we have to be careful with a lot of things. One of which is our blood sugar, which not only determines your sugar or sweet intakes but also the carbohydrates which is also converted into sugar inside the body.

You should get your blood tested at least twice a year or once a year at the most. Most diabetes cases can be prevented if detected earlier. We don’t have family related diabetes history (thank God!) but there’s always a first time if we are not that careful.

Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) normal ranges from 70-110


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