Saturday, January 21, 2012

GX, PT, TP at FF

New acronyms on my fit n fab vocabulary

GX - Group eXercise
PT - Personal Trainer
TP - Triple Pack
FF - Fitness First

As mentioned on my last post, I'm regularly hitting the gym now (trying my hardest at 3x a week). Upon paying the membership dues I was given a free Triple Pack.

Pack 1: Assessment and Goals
The PT assigned for my TP called for an appointment. I met with him and discussed what are my goals (why i joined FF) or target areas (what I want to eliminate). I was asked to stand in a machine which measures my weight, height, BMI, body water, muscle mass, fat mass, etc. From the data gathered, we sit and discussed the results, set up a realistic goal for 2 months. I was asked to return for my second session in a few days.

Pack 2: Personalized Program
Mr. PT gave me a run down on the exercises I need to do to achieve my goals set up on Pack 1. I have to do this at least thrice a week or in combination with GX.

Pack 3: 1 hour PT session
I have yet to do this. For Pack 3, I have an option whether to have an hour PT session or GX sampler. I choose the first one because I can always attend GX anytime I want. After this, PT sessions will no longer be free, how much? that I still have to ask.


  1. is good for you.I prefer GROUP exercise.mas marami mas ganadong mag exercise and the trainor's eyes are not always pointing at you.

    1. i love GX (Group eXercise) din! will feature some on my next posts...

  2. You'll soon change your quotes above. "I want, I need, just Lazy" change into "I'm fit, I'm fab and I made it" I wish you all the best.

  3. This is a very good program for exercise. I've no objection for this very important for our body to have it function normally. I will go for the suggestion of Tess that a group exercise is well recommended. Though this kind of fitness program is a routine, but once you're in a group, a camaraderie, fellowshipping, and a good interaction and relationship among the group is maintained, makes one's life happy, contented, and well-lived for.

  4. This sounds promising. What can I say.. go for it.. Be fabulous!


  5. Wow ..been meaning to enroll in to something that will make me fit to, but as always there's the time constraint thing! I hope i can finally do this so i can cut down on

  6. Good for you ... at least you're doing your best to be healthier ... I really need to move more ... seryoso ito ... Ayala Triangle, I hope to see you next month ...

  7. actually, nalilito ako sa abbreviations. parati akong napapascroll up para maintindihan. hehe.

    masarap ang may personal trainer. maa-achieve mo goals mo lalo na pag sinisigawan ka nya.

  8. same with Tess, i like to exercise together with a group of people, so the trainor would not easily notice me at times i do not move hehe

  9. We are on the same boat.. different attacks lang para maging healthy! Love your vocabs!

    Thanks!Gems of My Dailies

  10. Hmmm.. this is one activity I also need to be doing soon. But I am LAZY. and I feel awkward going to the gym alone that is why I need a gym buddy. My partner is always busy with something else. That's the problem. :(
    - sionee

  11. Fitness First? I enrolled there before then stopped due to work. I love their GX. Body jam and group cycling. Unfortunately, gained back all I lost and as a foodie, it's difficult to lose weight again. I'm enrolled at Gold's now (it's cheaper) but I need some motivation. Lol.

  12. one of the best adds to a busy life... fitness and exercise for personal health. mukhang mahal ung place... hope you reach your goal, yuuki. Yahweh bless.

  13. I'm into fitness first too. It's been more than a month and I am actually seeing results, coupled with diet.

  14. While most people are trying to lose weight, I have been trying to gain weight since God knows when. And I am getting frustrated! Any suggestion?

  15. where did you join gym? I can't go to the gym without companion, I wish I had your courage and not ashamed to do it on your own, so proud of you

  16. I'm more comfortable exercising on my own than with a group, especially if my companion concentrates more with chismis than exercising :)