Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day Zero Again, Almost!

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I am on Day Zero again of my diet, refer to my old post on what Day Zero is about. I brought my food to work: 2 small apples, 1 bunch of green grapes and 500ml Lacnor orange juice (made from 7 oranges 100% juice no sugar added).

But then I saw this brochure from Pizza Hut and all my determination comes crumbling down. I have to have that Tiramisu! Blame it on my sweet tooth. Just the other day I bought the cheesecake.

Dieting is really more about mind than body control. And mind is harder to control than our bodies!


  1. thanks for joining! =) good luck on your diet. but please don't forget not to starve yourself. you should eat, too. =)

  2. i'm not much into sweets but i'm a pizza person. i understand how hard it is to control your mind especially when it comes to dieting. :-)

    anyway, thanks for joining in the week 20 of the giveaways. good luck and regards!