Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rice Coffee aka Kapeng Bigas

I love coffee, cannot imagine a day without having one. When I arrived back home, my mom asked me if I want kapeng bigas or instant coffee. I said i'll try kapeng bigas and it tastes almost the same as black coffee with less bitter taste. You can drink it with no or little sugar, I haven't tried with milk or creamer yet.

How to make kapeng bigas:

1. Roast (until black) grains of rice. It is better to roast 1 kilo of rice so as to save time, energy (heat) and effort.

2. Put 1 cup of roasted rice in a kettle and add enough water. The ratio would depend how concentrated you want your coffee so it is safer to add 5 cups of water and adjust later.

3. Let it boil for some time, 5-10 mins.

4. Enjoy your rice coffee!

I have yet to search for the health benefits but I'm sure it has lots.

Best served with daing, itlog at kamatis (dried fish, eggs and tomato)!


  1. i know there is rice wine, the rice coffee ,i heard of it but not tried yet.I'll make a cup and see kung magustuhan ko rin.thanks

  2. oh wow, I am hungry right now, I try that coffee too, but still prefer caffeine

  3. ay yayay ang sarap naman ng ulam mo Sis :-) ginutum tuloy ako, pwede pahingi :-)